Swiss master vise,Dyna King,Renztti

The Renztti was my first vise, Then i got the Dyna King Ultimate Indexer

This vise is the BEST for spinning hair. The i went and got a Swiss Master vise

I love this vise for small files. I get ask what the best vise to get ! Every vise does one thing better then the another. Every vise will do the job ! There are no BAD vise's out there . Each vise offers something different. When you start tying you want them ALL :)


































The rite bobbins are really nice to have. There tension adjustment on them is great















.Marc petitjean tools are incredibly WELL made .The bobbins are really fast to thread up. I have linked the picture ,for the video























Marc petitjean Whip finsher is the best one i have used . Especially on smaller flies


























 The magic tool set is nice . BUT if you plane to use a lot CDC with it and you live in the US or CANADA we do not have the same quality as  EUROPE .Are CDC is MUCH smaller!










 Hair stackers are a must have  when working with hair.. And a comb to comb out the under fur.













This was made by my dad . It has a MP bobbin needle in it to split thread. Really nice to use










 This is a MUST have if you have KIDS.. This way no hooks end  up on the floor ! And one of them steps on ONE ....True story :)








 Dubbing wax, Head cement, And yes SALLY HANSEN !! Your going to need it










 UV light ,And resin are not a must have ,But makes really nice copper johns And anything else that could use a nice CLEAR coat


























































 Good lighting is a MUST have , Theres an OTT light, And the 2 LED lights that i use all the time ,And the McKENZIE BRIGHT LIGHT AND MAGNIFIER that will go on any vise .


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Fly tying Bobbins
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